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Participation of private investors in the international trade with bank instruments Of Professor. Dr. Bernt Bühnemann (university professor)
1. Introduction

Usually at all the faith in the existence of such banking transactions it results the largest difficulties for the understanding, of the international trade with bank instruments, which can be outlined in the following, from the fact that these transactions under strict secrecy as well as privacy under the acting institutions are transacted.

Above all however the largest part of the managers of these mechanisms times something of the existence of such business these information and stories for lack of detailed knowledge meanwhile the fairy tale world and calls it heard, assigns the very most banks, institutes for credit and institutional investors fantasy stories.

General evaluation of these transactions, also by specialists, by the fact is made more difficult that both the involved states and state institutions, as well as the banks taken part in these transactions concretely opposite outsiders, to whom practically all private investors belong, who answer existence in the negative of such business strictly and vehement.

Like that it is also only natural that there are no official and respectable representations of this international trade with bank instruments, to which one fall back reliably could.

Finally and not least the impression is strengthened of these business as dubious fantasy things with criminal substance by the fact that there is indeed a multiplicity of luck knights, dubious speculators and simply criminal ones, who induce in particular private capital investors with occasionally doubtful liquid means to it against very high not profit margins, funds and values representable with normal plants to make available, which disappear then in any dark channels usually together with the receivers of these investment securities.

Completely contrary to this picture, which professionally persons within the range banks, institutions for financing and institutional investors of this range transact themselves the majority that outweighing far make, the reality is characterized by the fact that such transactions are transacted day after day for the normal viewer in inconceivable orders of magnitude, as it already since very long time happen and surely still in whatever concrete forming out will always in the future further happen.

On each bank day in the week and in the year amounts of billion are acted with these bank instruments.

This happens in well-conceived arranged expiration operational sequence also clearly defined instruments and clear certain acting persons and organizations. Nothing will leave and each individual person as well as national or private institutions will have its clearly defined tasks to the coincidence.

This is a global commercial system, which has to do directly nothing with criminal acting and which is in reality relatively transparency and plausible. How is to be in the following still represented, requires high sensitivity, the complexity of the transactions as such, not least in addition, the tremendously large capital quantities, which are moved with these transactions, a strict secrecy outward and a confidential handling of the transactions under the persons and institutions involved.

For the private investor, who would like to take the possibilities up of this instrument trade for its own interests, usually large difficulties result. The system and the structures of this acting do not make it possible to give to the private investor full view into the whole of the system like also into the concrete completion of the different transactions.

The private investor must already have therefore to certain extent luck, in order to come at all with the persons or institutions into connection, which have this possibility of participating with the made available capital as an investor in this instrument trade. If these persons and institutions operate their high-sensitive business seriously, they can make seen only one part of the concrete information accessible also in the long term for the private investor, because these information could come into the wrong hands.

On the other side however the private investors, who do not make purely speculatively a' funds available perdu amounts, a certain security must be given that it gets its insert and minimum interest charges back anyhow in arranged way.

This is more important with respectablly arranged business relations all the, than the amounts of insert exhibit nevertheless already substantial orders of magnitude, those usually not under 10 millions US dollar lie. On the other side an increasingly larger need at private Kapitalzuflüssen develops, because this international trade with bank instruments expands ever more strongly and is urgently dependent on this private investor capital.

In addition it comes that the institutions and persons with kapitalschöpfungs and capital storage tank function offer more and more nevertheless from that hiding out- stepped and the private investor increasingly directly and indirectly security of its capital and that net yield which can be expected, as it did not give itself in this form in earlier times.

Thus also here increasingly market mechanisms of the capitalistic competition affect themselves, which anyhow exhibit quite positive elements for the private investor. For the concrete participation of a private investor in a such international trade with bank instruments it depends altogether crucial on the fact that it under keeping of the secrecy and privacy nevertheless quasi as a point of the iceberg collateral usual in banking and verifiable is angedient, which its private Investment secures to a large extent.

It remains however always with the fact that the private investor a whole role of substantial information about kind and range of this trade like also over the persons and institutions involved remaining hidden and to remain hidden have, because otherwise the entire system was endangered.

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